GSAA Shows

During the GSAA "year" (from September to May) we hold two different art shows and sales to showcase the talents of our members and visiting artists, the Winter Art Show and the Spring Fling Art Show.

2021 Winter Art Show

Color Your World - A Virtual Art Show

June 2 - June 6, 2020

The 2021 Winter Art Show will take place December 1 through 4, 2021. More information and the show application will be available shortly. Please contact us at for any questions.


The GSAA hosted its first virtual art show on the GSAA Facebook ​page from June 2 through June 6, 2020, organized by GSAA member Tina Gagnon. We would like to thank all those who submitted virtual copies of their work for the show, and congratulate all the show winners!

Best in Show: Glad Day at the Barn by Charlotte Huebner

1st Place: Bode Takes a Nap by John Kessler

2nd Place: Leah’s Quiet Place by Joanne Kearney Kun

3rd Place: Cat’s Eyes by Tina Gagnon

Honorable Mention: Breathe by Margaret Moon Hames

People's Choice Award: Leah’s Quiet Place by Joanne Kearney Kun


2020 Spring Fling Art Show & Sale

UPDATE, March 16, 2020: Due to concerns with the coronavirus and safety for our GSAA members and community, we have decided to cancel our upcoming Spring Fling Art Show & Sale originally scheduled for April 4th. Please contact us at for any questions or concerns you may have with this decision.

2019 Winter Art Show Highlights

Thank you to all who helped make our show a success, and congratulations to the following show winners:


1st place - Barbara Barclay, "Seagulls at the Shore"

2nd place - Margaret Moon Hames, "Coffee with Laurelle"

3rd place - Mary Ann Manning, "You're Who???"

Honorable Mention - Jason Campbell, "Banjo Player"


1st place - John Kessler, "The Old Tractor"

2nd place - Charlotte Huebner, "Pathway"

3rd place - Sandra Kavanaugh, "October"

Honorable Mention - Marylou Sears, "My Favorite Forest in Rumney"


1st place - Ted Dzialo, "Mid Winter Break"

2nd place - Elisabeth Stucklen, "Spring Blooms"

3rd place - Debbie Lockwood, "Morning Light on Katahdin"

Honorable Mention - Mary Castricone, "Bird in Paradise"

Other Media

1st place - Sandra Kavanaugh, "Cannon Ridge"

2nd place - Linda Hall, "Sunshine"

3rd place - Barbara Barclay, "Woodland Stream"

Honorable Mention - Tina Gagnon, "Spot"

Special Awards

Best in Show - Marcia Harris, "Reflections"

Chuck Morin Award - Irene Martin, "Phineas T. Pelican III"

Founders Award - John Kessler, "New Boots"

Kelley Library Award - Sandra Kavanaugh, "Cannon Ridge"

Lancaster Award - Maureen Rooseboom, "Bye Bye Rain"

People's Choice Award - Margaret Moon Hames, "Pasha's Dream"