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GSAA awarded two scholarships this year to high school seniors who will be attending a college for an art degree.


A $600 scholarship in remembrance of Don Whittemore was awarded to Paige Frias who will be attending Savannah College of Art and Design​.

GSAA yearly $600 scholarship was awarded to Gwendolyn Mallett who will be attending Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Scholarship application

In Remembrance

Our condolences go out to Don Whittemore's family.  Don Whittemore passed on Sunday, December 10 after a long illness.  Don was a founding member of the Greater Salem Artist Association where he loved sharing his knowledge with other members. Memorial donations went to a scholarship to a local art student who will be pursuing an Art Degree.

GSAA Tidings Newsletters

Each month the GSAA releases a newsletter with Association and art-related news to its members. If you have content you would like to include in an upcoming issue, please send it to Pat Pereira at no later than the first of the month.

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