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Our Mission

The Greater Salem Artists Association (GSAA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit art organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts in the Greater Salem area.  GSAA was incorporated in 1986 by Edith Kaufman.

GSAA welcome members at any level of experience, from well-seasoned professionals to students who are just starting to explore the artistic world.  We support local area high school students with yearly scholarships, provide monthly demonstrators, offer two shows for our members. and encourage all artists to share and grow with us.

Become a Member

Those wishing to join the GSAA must submit an application for membership as well as the yearly dues (the membership application needs to be submitted only once, however, dues are required each year for continued membership).

Please submit an application, either via the Google Form below or by printing out a PDF and sending it to the GSAA board.

GSAA Board Members


Sherry Burnett

Vice President

Pat Pereira

Show Coordinator

Debbie Lockwood

Newsletter Editor

Pat Pereira


Nancy D'Agostino



Website Manager

Elisabeth Stucklen

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