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GSAA Meeting Demonstrators

If you or someone you know would like to be a demonstrator for our association, please complete and submit the Demonstrators Application, or contact us at to learn more!

Demonstrator Bio - September 14 2023 Meeting at 6 pm

Jim LUCKERN - Charcoal and Graphite


“I get my inspiration from life, animals, and nature. I really love the challenge of capturing the emotions of people's faces. I strive to bring those that are not with us any more to life and share their emotions with their loved ones. I believe no one leaves us as long as their memories are in our hearts and minds. 

And I am inspired by architecture and landscapes. Being a builder all my life gives me much more appreciativeness for the work that goes into structures and the natural structures from the creator.


I love to create art that makes us pause and have conversations about the world around us.”

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