GSAA Meeting Demonstrators

If you or someone you know would like to be a demonstrator for our association, please complete and submit the Demonstrators Application, or contact us at to learn more!

Demonstrator Bio - March 2022 Meeting

March 2022 Demonstrator - Brooke Lambert



Brooke is a printmaker and painter whose work explores the world of light, pattern, and color in the ocean and the natural world. Her work celebrates light reflecting on the ocean surface, bouncing off underwater cracks and crevices, and the heat of the sun radiating through flowers and leaves. In our current climate, she feels strongly that it is important to share these moments of brightness, new life, and hope.


Her primary medium is collagraph printing, in which she builds low-relief plates that she then inks and runs through a printing press, creating embossed paper prints that invoke the textures and shapes of ropes, leaves, and netting. She then paints the prints, adding rich, luminous color.


To view her work. please visit

Rhythm of Water by Brooke Lambert

2021 Past Demonstrators

November 2021 Demonstrator - Sherry Burnett


October 2021 Meeting Demonstrator - Susanne Larkham